Jaunumi no Globālā IIA - Septembris 2014

Ziņas no Global IIA un ECIIA
CIA Eligibility Extensions Great news for professionals who have completed one or more parts of the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, but who will soon expire out of the program as they reach end of their four-year eligibility period. For a fee, candidates may apply to The IIA for a 12-month extension which will also preserve previously passed exam parts as they continue to pursue certification. Details are available here. Cybersecurity: What the Board of Directors Needs to Ask Cybersecurity isn’t just IT’s domain; it belongs to everyone, including the board of directors. This free report, from The IIA Research Foundation and ISACA, can be a helpful reminder of the importance of their involvement. It offers strategic and thoughtful questions directed toward management and internal audit ideally addressed prior to a security breach. It also includes guidance on managing security risks. Get your complimentary copy of the full report! New Practice Guide: Business Continuity Management Nobody plans to have a crisis, and yet it happens anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an action plan already developed — when cooler heads prevailed — instead of working into a frenzy to keep the business running when the unthinkable happens? The IIA’s new guidance, Business Continuity Management walks you through what you need to consider when drafting a crisis management strategy. Access your free copy by visiting here.       Recently Released Resource Downloads from The IIA – Free for Members New Issue of Tone at the Top: Compliance Overload: 5 Steps to the Beast Taming Download the August/September 2014 issue of Tone at the Top and learn how audit committees and boards can work to overcome compliance overload amid mounting regulatory burdens. Then click to answer this issue’s Quick Poll Questions: How confident are you that your organization is effectively balancing compliance demands with strategic risks? And, do you expect the level of resources needed by internal audit to address compliance demands to increase/decrease/remain the same over the next three years? Get your complimentary subscription to Tone at the Top and share it with your audit committee and executive management team
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