Grozījumi Eiropas Parlamenta direktīvā

Sveiciens. Zemāk atradīsiet interesantu informāciju par grozījumiem Eiropas Parlamenta direktīvā. On April 15th, the European Parliament has amended the Directive 2013/34/EU regarding the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large entities (more than 500 employees public interest entities). The Companies will be required to issue non-financial statement with the management report including the following matters: environment, social and employee, respect for human rights, anti-corruption, bribery and diversity. The business model, procedures and risks related to these matters will be published. We plan to present an article about this topic in the next European Magazine. The European Commission will prepare non-binding guidelines on methodology for non-financial reporting and the transposition in the national law will take place within 24 months. We believe that ECIIA should express the internal audit voice to the Commission and present the assurance role internal audit can play in this area. Therefore, we would like to set up a working group in order to analyze the guidelines and propose the position of internal auditing profession. Can you please give us names and details of members that would be interested to help us preparing this document? Please send the information to before May 30. We thank you in advance for your support and remain at disposal for any question. Jūs varat pieteikties arī rakstot epastu uz
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