Event rules

Rules for the organisation of events

Approved at the Board meeting on 9 May 2018, Riga

1.Terms used in the rules

1.1. Organiser of the event (further the IAI)- association "The Institute of Internal Auditors". Unified taxpayer registration NO:40008045795, legal address: Perse Street 9/11, Riga, LV-1011.

1.2.Event -any kind of training (courses, conferences, discussions) or informal events organised by the IAI.

1.3. Participant- 18 year old a full responsibility natural person or a representative of a legal person who has all the right to register for the IAI activities on behalf of that legal person and to assume the obligations of that legal person.

2.Registration and payments

2.1. Registration for participation in a event is made via the internet site of the event. When registering for an event, the participant agrees with the general conditions defined in the IAIs "online selling rules for goods".

2.2. Registration is approved only after payment of the full participation fee. After approving the registration, the participant receives the event ticket electronically (PDF). If the payment has not been received during the period of payment, the IAI shall have the right to cancel the registration of the participant and not to allow him to participate in the event.

2.3.The fee of participation must be done in EUR currency.

2.4. The methods of payment of the participation fee shall be identified on the registration site of the event. The following payment methods may be used:

2.4.1. Credit card/debit card- credit card payment must be submitted online, using the form of payment;

2.4.2. Bank connection: this payment method is only provided to the designated banks;

2.4.3. Bank transfer- when using a bank transfer, you must make sure that the invoice number is specified. All commissions shall be paid by the payer;

2.5. Transaction supporting documents (invoices, tickets, approvals) are sent to the e-mail adress specified in the registration form. If no acknowledgement email is received, the participant must contanct the IAI (iai@iai.lv) for further assistance.

3.Withdrawal of participanting in the event

3.1. In accordance with paragraph 18.12 of the Cabinet Regulation No. 225 "a participant cannot exercise the right of withdrawal if the contract is concluded for the events and if the service provider commits to provide the service on a specified day or a specified period

3.2. The participant has the right to withdraw from participating and to request the reimbursement of the full participation fee, in pursuance to the following conditions:

3.2.1. If changes to the content of conference lectures is more than half of the initial program;

3.2.2. If the lecturer for the course has changed;

3.2.3. If, as the result of a change in the content of a training course, the aim is not achieved in full;

3.3. The withdrawal of participation in the event is requested in written form by sending an e-mail to the IAI e- mail adress: iai@iai.lv.

3.4. In the case of the withdrawal the following commissions are applied:

3.4.1. The 10% withdrawal fee from the participation fee will apply if the withdrawal from the participation in the event takes place more than 30 days before tha start of the event;

3.4.2. The 50% withdrawal fee from ticket price will apply if the withdrawal from participation in the event takes place from 30 until 15 days before the event takes place;

3.4.3.The money will not be returned if the withdrawal from the participation in the event takes places 15 or less days before the events takes place;

3.5.The registered participant has right to designate another person who will participate in the event in his/ her place, in pursuance to the following rules:

3.5.1.The IAI member ticket may only be given to another IAI member.By giving the ticket to a non-member of the IAI, the person must cover the price difference between the IAI member and standard ticket, according to the date of the purchase. For instance, the ticket of the IAI member early registration can be given to a person, who isn’t a member of the IAI, but only if the difference between a member and standard early registration prices is payed, even if the exchange takes place after early registration deadline.

3.5.2.The standard ticket can be given to another person. If the ticket is given to the member of the IAI, the IAI will not pay back difference between ticket price.

3.5.3.The participant shall be responsible for informing the IAI of the changes of participant not later than 3 days before events take place, otherwise the entry in the event may be refused.

3.6.If the event is cancelled, the participation fee will be returned in full.

3.7.If the date of the event is changed, the participant has right to decide whether to participate in the event in its new time, or to receive the participation fee back.

3.8.The money will be paid back by the transfer to the bank account from which the payment for the participation was made. If the payment for participation was made with bank card, the money is returned to the bank card.

4.Internal rules at the time of the event

4.1.During the event, participants shall follow the procedures and ethical behaviour rules, without applying or harming the premises and inventory of the event.

4.2.For security purposes, the IAI have rights to expel a participant from the event place, if:

  • the behaviour of the participant disturbs events happening,

  • the behaviour of the participant endangers the safety and health of other participants and/ or IAI representatives,

  • participant isn’t following to the rules of event,

  • participant does not follow the instructions of the IAI representatives.

5.Presentation materials for events

5.1.Copyrights applies to all presentation materials (e.g. presentation materials, lecture notes, software, etc.) Any reproduction, publication or use of materials for commercial purposes of the presentation of the event shall require the permission of the IAI and the author concerned.

5.2.The IAI and the lecturer have the right to decide on the availability of information materials (presentations and other files relating to the event) to participants by informing them before.

6.Exclusion of liability

6.1.The IAI isn’t taking responsibility for losses or damages caused to personal property at the place and time of the event.

6.2.In the case of the event cancellation or change of date, the IAI shall not be responsible for the additional costs of the participant (flight and hotel bookings and others) associated with the cancellation of late reservations. If a participant has made other reservations (flights, hotels etc.) relating to concrete event, the participant shall be responsible for cancelling these reservations, if it is necessary.

6.3.The IAI does not take responsibility for lost or damaged tickets for the event.

6.4.The IAI isn’t responsible for verifying that the ticket has been shown by the same person as the participant and shall not be liable for any losses caused in this case.

6.5.The IAI isn’t responsible for the malicious multiplication of the ticket of the event or for the careless behaviour of the participant in giving of the ticket to third parties. Only one participant, the first bearer of the ticket, will be allowed to enter event places.

7.Statement of participation

7.1.The certificate, which proves participation in the event (including CPE points) is sent to participant no later than 4 weeks after the date of the event. The certificate is sent to the participant e-mail address, which were specified in the registration form. If no acknowledgement email is received, the participant must contact IAI (iai@iai.lv) for further assistance.

7.2.If the course is held more than one day, the certificate shall be issued only for the days on which the participant has participated.


8.1.Personal information of the participant will be stored in a secure database. Participant information: name, surname, position and organization may be included in the participant’s identification card.

8.2.Photo and video materials may be admitted during the event and propagated within educational, news and representation materials in printed, electronic or other media format, and published, including on the IAI website and on social media profiles. When participating in the event, the participant shall authorise the IAI to use the data and photographs indicated in the participant’s registration form for the above purposes.

8.3.The participant has the right to protect his or her identity and to prevent the identification of the person by contacting the IAI via the email address iai@iai.lv.

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