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The association “Institute of Internal Auditors” (IAI) was established in Riga on 26th October in 1999.

The main activities of IAI are related to comprehensive professional development and education of its members: development of training programmes, development of methodological guidance, organisation of courses, training and certification of auditors, preparation of information materials, and mutual exchange of current information. The founding process of IAI was time-consuming and required a lot of enthusiasm from our members since it was a voluntary event, which was implemented without rewards. To obtain the funding needed to ensure the functioning of the IAI, the administration of IAI needed to persuade experts to speak and lead the workshops and trainings at the time free of charge. Significant support for the initial activities of the association came from the public administration and large organizations (including, Hansabanka, LMT, SEB, Lattelecom, Latvijas komerbanku asociācija, etc.), which didnt mind if their employees spend their time and use resources of the organisation to improve the scope of internal audit at the time. As an important project and one of the grounds for IAI development was the PHARE project “Public administration reform in Latvia”, during which huge support for members was from Phil Tarling, who was the president of  ECIIA and the chairman of the IIA board.

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