Regardles of whether you wish to get a promotion or are exploring opportunities outside your organization, or simply are using opportunities for professional growth, wich will enable you to assume more complicates duties, when preparing for future challenges, the IIA certificate can help you: 

  • increase you earning potentioal up to 40%*; 
  • gain trust and recognition in the industry; 
  • to better your skills and knowledge; 
  • prove your devotion to the profession. 

* According to a 2015 IIA earnings research, the average auditor, who has aquired one or more IIA certificates earns about 35% more than their colleagues who do not possess a certificate. (Bases on answers of USA respondents) 

Step 1: Decide Which Certification is Right for You

The IIAs Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certification is the only globally accepted designation for internal auditors. It is a three-part exam that remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their comprehensive competence and professionalism in the internal auditing field.

The IIA also offers four specialty certifications:

Individuals who do not meet the CIA program education and experience eligibility requirements may wish to take one of the specialty certifications, which are one-part exams.

Step 2: Determine Your Eligibility and Skill Level

Each of The IIA certification programs has unique and specific education eligibility requirements that a candidate must meet to take the exam. In addition, you may want to assess your skill level by taking a practice test using the sample questions on the website. Although your score on a practice test will not necessarily indicate what your score would be on a certification exam, a practice test may assess your readiness and lets you know in what areas you need improvement.

CIA Eligibility Requirements Sample CIA Exam Questions
CGAP Eligibility Requirements Sample CGAP Exam Questions
CFSA Eligibility Requirements Sample CFSA Exam Questions
CCSA Eligibility Requirements Sample CCSA Exam Questions
CRMA Eligibility Requirements  

Step 3: Register for the Exam

The IIAs certification exams are now offered year-round through computer-based testing at more than 500 locations worldwide.

Apply and Register Online

Step 4: Prepare for the Exam

You determine the method(s) in which you need to prepare for the exam. A variety of independent third-party providers offer exam review courses.

CIA Exam Preparation Resources
CGAP Exam Preparation Resources
CFSA Exam Preparation Resources
CCSA Exam Preparation Resources
CRMA Exam Preparation Resources

In addition, consider joining one of the exam-related social media groups to connect with others preparing for the exam. Each exam has its own LinkedIn group and there is a Facebook page dedicated to preparing for the CIA exam:

CIA Facebook
CIA LinkedIn
CCSA LinkedIn
CRMA LinkedIn
CGAP LinkedIn
CFSA LinkedIn

Step 5: Take the Exam

With the transition to computer-based testing, The IIAs certification exams are administered through the worldwide network of Pearson VUE Testing Centers. The Pearson VUE network enables candidates to take exams at over 500 sites. The Certification Candidate Handbookprovides more information on the testing experience.

Pearson VUE (PV) offers three different types of exam testing sites. This video depicts the experience at a Pearson Professional Center (versus a PV Select or PV Testing Center).

Pearson VUE video

Step 6: Receive Your Certificate

Once you pass the exam and meet all other program requirements, you will be eligible to receive your certificate. To order your certificate, you must log into your candidate record in CCMS and complete the certificate order form. Please note that prefixes, such as Mr., Dr., Miss, etc. and designation acronyms are not printed on the certificate. The certificate will contain your name only. The certificate will be shipped directly to you using a standard postal service method at no charge. Expedited shipping is also available at an additional cost.

Certificate reprints are also available through this order system for a fee of US $50. Shipping using a standard postal service method will be at no charge. Expedited shipping is also available at an additional cost.

In some instances, candidates who belong to certain Institutes will not be able to order their certificates directly. These certificates are sent directly to their Institute and the candidate will be contact by that Institute to be awarded their certificate.

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